”Real Neat Blog Award”


Having been on hiatus for a while….due to my exceedingly hard exams (esp. Chemistry) which i finished, i have been neglecting my blog for some socially fun things – mainly hiding in the corner of my bed till 5am with a sweaty 3DS. Nevertheless, i had decided to stop my blog posts for a while since there wasn’t really anything interesting going on in my life that anyone would find interesting…apart from packing suitcases to prepare my flight for Japan. So, when i found out that i got nominated for this ‘Real Neat Blog Award’, i was incredibly surprised as i don’t feel i actually deserve it. Truth be said, i actually got a hint of excitement seeing this pop up in my email.

I would very much like to thank Takuto’s Anime Cafe for nominating me for this award! Believe it or not, this nomination really means a lot to me – even though it is not tangible, the thought really counts that someone does actually read my posts. It has encouraged me to write more regularly, though i can’t keep my word that anything interesting would come up since i’m pretty much house-bound at the moment babysitting my little brother.

Takuto’s Anime Cafe asked me 7 questions to accept this award!

1. Are you absolutely content with your blog? Do you plan to add any new segments or features soon? 

Well….having said that i pretty much neglected this blog for a short while, i cant say i’m satisfied with where this is going. So no, i am not absolutely content with my blog. The few posts that i have wrote so far are pretty much fillers for the next segment i plan on doing which will be pretty much on Japan since i will be starting University next year. I am sure that my blog posts will be more interesting in a months’ time considering that going to University would be an exciting and life-changing event for everyone. So, i really do look forward to sharing with everyone my adventures to come.

2. Have you ever considered creating a YouTube channel?

Actually, i do have a Youtube channel with surprisingly over 400,000+ views. But i am not going to link it up here since its a gaming channel that has probably no relevance whatsoever to my blog. (Puh-lease, like anyone wants to watch me game) I have also considered doing a vlogging/cooking channel on Youtube but I have absolutely no confidence to let the world see my face..plus, there are already many channels out there so it would likely be a waste of human’s time.

3.Do you find yourself reading more manga, playing more games, or watching more anime?

Anime? I started doing these things since i was pretty young. I remember my first anime being ‘Pretty Cure’ or ‘Sakura Card Captor’.. At that time, i thought it was just cartoons since i thought all animations with english voices are ‘cartoons’. But at around 12 years old, my friend introduced me to this thing called ‘Anime’, highly recommending the anime ‘Special A’. My first reaction was ‘Erhhhhh….what are they speaking? This sounds so alien to me’ etc… but i started liking it and watch the whole series withing 3 days. I basically clicked on random links on the anime website my friend recommended to me and boom! here i am now watching more anime than i ever did before. [For the record, i love spoilers and i hate endings, so if the spoiler said something about someone dying at the end, sayonara anime~ hate me all you want but just know that i’m not one of those people who calls themselves ‘Anonymous’ and post spoilers on the comment section in anime websites]

As for manga, i am not a fan of un-coloured artwork plus the illustrations on anime are usually much nicer. As much as anyone would convince me to pick up a manga and read it, i will only read it if i am really really into the anime and if i really really want to see what happens next. Also, i don’t know about you but sometimes i find the artwork in the manga pretty confusing for me to understand. I have a highly imaginative mind, but i definitely do not like it when a flying fireball stays stagnant on a piece of paper. With me, its all about the moving picture! We need it to come to live – not literally but you know what i mean.

Lastly, games… ahhh….games….GAMES! This is what i have been doing and probably what everyone has been doing earlier than watching anime or reading manga. Games are a sort of getaway from reality kindof thing. It allows you to be who you want and experience the fleeting moments of fantasy as much as you want. That’s why i’m super excited about virtual/augmented reality like the Occulus rift and so on so forth. As much as i want to say i have a good life…no i don’t and had always have what i considered the worst life possible. Living in an orphanage for many years with so many bad influences and mentally ill people, games were the only thing that kept me sane and pretty much alive. Although these were cheap games and toys that everyone shared, it still entertained me when all we had were brooms and mops to do chores for at least half a day. Games were and are very important to me – it might sound like an over exaggeration, but if games are alive, i would thank them thousands of times just to let them now how grateful i am for giving me that little bit of light at the end of the tunnel and optimism in my life when the tunnel was dark and when i was lost.

4.What is the first anime that you recommend to a new person, considering that they are cool with any genre and episode length

Gintama! I wrote in my first few posts that Gintama is a must watch anime because it really helps a person to lighten their mood and make them smile and laugh. It really is a powerful anime in a sense that even after quarreling with your parents (for example), you would be able to smile and laugh and talk to them like you normally do after an episode or 2. Considering how it takes a LOT to make me laugh or smile – to the point where my friends would ask me if i’m okay everytime we meet, Gintama is probably the ONLY anime which made me laugh or at least made me laugh GENUINELY. So please watch it and support them if you haven’t already!

5.Do you prefer to buy anime limited or standard edition, if any?

I actually hardly buy any anime merchandises since most of my money goes to games or new gaming consoles which can get pretty costly. I did get some figurines on Ebay or Amazon but they are really cheap ones that still look decent as they are shipped from China. The only other thing i bought that is anime related is Hakuouki which is also a PSP/3DS game and i got the limited edition one because the artwork was really beautiful! plus it came with the OST. Oh oh oh! and i definitely supported Gintama by buying ALL 250+ episodes they have! It was definitely expensive but that just goes to show how much i love this anime!

6.Borrowing this one from JekoJeko, which show do you wish your life was more like?

I wished my life was like any anime. Honestly, almost every anime ends with a happy ending and the protagonist always have exciting adventures! I would be very very happy to live in a cottage and have my house invaded with monsters or get teleported to some random world or die in vain for some crappy person…. okay probably not the last one…

But if i have to be very very very honest, i have to say everyone (those who watch anime at least) wants to be in some sort of Harem.(probably bouncing their heads on some gigantic boobs or hugging some ikemen)

7.What is one anime that you will defend to your death, if any, regardless of its understandable flaws?

Again, Gintama! flaws…lets see, it has none. It may have lots of filler episodes but each and every one of them are enjoyable and the ups and downs of emotions always ends with a happy one. Frankly, i actually like those fillers better than the serious arcs. Because i like the comedy aspect of Gintama more than anything else. If there is one anime, or at least one mangaka i would defend to my death, it would definitely be the ingenius writer, Hideaki Sorachi , and of course the members and producers of Gintama which made everything much better.

I hope you guys enjoyed my babbling time! and once again thank you for reading my blog, and thank you to Takuto for the nomination and the questions. Thank you everything and everybody for reading this till the end! Even you there, my computer screen and keyboard!


2 thoughts on “”Real Neat Blog Award”

  1. Naww, you’re so welcome! I didn’t realize that you had such a powerful attachment towards games and gaming. That’s quite a connection, as I have the same thing with anime. A get away journey where anything can happen and I can look like anyone/do anything – who wouldn’t like games?! It sounds like you’ve been through tough times, and I’m glad something was there to light your way.

    I’ve heard too many things about Gintama that it’s certainly climbed the list of things I need to watch!

    I do hope you continue to blog and I also wish you luck with your Japan trip. That sounds so exciting, yet so scary, too! Keep us all posted about gaming, anime, Japan, and your other happenings as often as you can, because I always enjoy hearing from you. Congrats again!~

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