A game (IOS/Android), Anime-lovers should definitely try!

Today, i will be sharing a game i recently got pretty addicted to, (to the point where i will ditch my studies) – i admit that i am not a big fan of games on IOS/Android/any sought of phone game, so it is pretty much a big deal when i do find a game i like..but then again, it all depends on the person’s ‘taste’

Soccer Spirits Home Page

Soccer Spirits Home Page

‘Soccer Spirits’ is a game by Com2us Corp. that can be downloaded for free in the app store or the google play store. I highly recommend it to people who loves Anime – the beautiful illustrations, the anime-like voice etc… I got this game a couple of weeks ago due to pure boredom and just wanted to introduce this game to those who are looking for something fun and addicting to play!
The moment you start this game, you will see an anime-like women (upon touching her, she will speak; e.g. ‘ow’) of course, all the characters speak in Korean (the words are in english if you choose global server instead of korea server) as the company is Korea based. For those who thinks ‘English Dub’ sucks, then you wont be disappointed because in one way or another, Korean and Japanese sounds pretty similar and the Voice acting is definitely on the high-end.
The general game is really about collecting cards (either through summon/scout/gift/battle etc) and with those cards, you then ‘battle’ pve or pvp style, evolve characters (to get better stats and more image ‘exposure’-i’ll get to that soon).
If you have played a game such as ‘brave frontier’ or ‘ayakashi ghost guild’ before, the gameplay is similar in a way that you fuse characters to get to a higher level etc; except, this is on soccer, it isn’t like real soccer (because characters health gets lost and there are special attacks-duh) but the idea is there. So even if you aren’t a fan of soccer, you will like it.

Gender-wise, i have to say that this game was probably aimed more at males than females (and also because males play more games i suppose). As with some anime, this game provides TONS of ‘service’-female characters wear lesser and lesser clothes every time you ‘evolve’ them (i guess it is an incentive to let people get so addicted to it and spend more and more money out of their real wallets, hence the $99.9 promotion i see every time i play this game-YES, people do spend $99.9).
Although i said that it is aimed towards the male audience, females get their fair share as well-with much less exposure of course!

Anyways, if you do have the time and if you do love your daily dose of games combined with a touch of anime, do try it out!

An example of a male character on Soccer Spirits

An example of a male character on Soccer Spirits

I am really pretty excited when i got this card – 6 stars are legendary players which you can get at a 2-3% chance and being a women, it really DOES NOT hurt to look at beautiful male characters xP especially because this character first ‘caught my eye’ at the very start of the game

An example of a female character in the game

An example of a female character in the game

Yeah…her boobs look like they are about to burst…this is only one such example of what i meant by ‘exposing’ – there are plenty more in the game, so if your interested-feel free to give it a try

P.s. my ID is ‘YuukixD’ just in case u do play this game and want some free stuff from referral ID [lol, i am totally not bribing]


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