Best Anime to make you laugh & other ‘de-stress purposes’

First things first!

As I said before, i am in the midst of exams but one of the best things to do during exams is to watch something funny to de-stress yourself. I mean, why not – your just losing several hours of your time wasting your life and probably failing your exams – absolutely nothing can go wrong. (On a serious note, ”DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME”)

If your still reading and anticipating what the name of the anime is, please scroll to the part where it says ‘How awkwardness starts…’ Yes, the name is indeed ‘Gintama’.

In Japanese, it really means ‘Silver Soul’ but ‘tama’ is really a pun which also means ‘balls’ if you know what i mean… Apparently, the anime staff/author and what not were not allowed to name it ‘Kintama’ as it happens to mean ‘Gold Soul/Balls’ Therefore, the protagonist of the show is silver-haired instead of gold-haired.

If you do decide to start watching this incredibly awesome show! Please beware that the *’Gorilla’ author uses a LOT of dirty? jokes.

And for those who have watched, you have become my best friend.

*the true meaning of ‘Gorilla’ in this context will become clear to you once you start watching the show…Yes, it is over 200 episodes long-on the mark to 300!


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